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Free and Guided Play-Based Learning
​"Education is the most powerful weapon which
you can use to change the world".

Nelson Mandela

We use two different curriculum programs that use a progressive approach to learning, the material builds upon itself starting with foundation knowledge and building from there. The children start with learning basic shapes, letters, and colors and move onto learning about the world and beyond. We work on different aspects of nature, geography, reading, mathematics, and history. Throughout all of these we foster the child's love for learning and fun. 

Play-Based Learning

We use play-based learning through all aspects of our day. We believe that the child learns socially and emotionally during play and foster this through both free and guided play. We love to involve music and dance, arts and crafts, and many different forms of real world simulations. 

Daily Activities

An average day for us involves circle time, seat-work, indoor and outdoor free play, guided play, and nap time. Meals and snacks are also provided to the children. All throughout the child's day they are lightly guided through a set schedule while also encouraged to be independent. 

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