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About Us

Licensed California City Home Daycare

Paula's Preschool was founded in 1985 by Paula, she originally founded the program in hopes to stay at home with her own children but continued long after they left the home due to her love of the industry. Our goal is to provide education and support for parents within our community as well as foster a child's love for learning. 

This is a home-based facility that provides a safe and welcoming home environment for your child.  We are a state licensed California City daycare that partners with the state run food program to provide healthy meals to the children in our care. 

We focus on educating preschool aged children but open our facility to all children aged 1-6yrs. We provide full-time care, part-time care, and a before/after school program. 

One of our top priorities is the parents, we focus on an open line of communication in hope to make parents feel very involved with their child's preschool experience. 


They say that the first five years are one of the most crucial periods in a child's development. During this time a child's foundation on behavior and beliefs begins to establish itself...therefore it is extremely important that a child goes to preschool. I truly 100% believe that my children are excellent students today because of Paula's Preschool. Paula is an excellent preschool teacher. My kids learn how to complete worksheets and interact with other children. Paula's Preschool isn't a glorified babysitting business, Paula truly teaches the children important skill sets and structure so they will be successful when they make that transition into kindergarten. I recommend this preschool to everyone. 


Our daughter loved going to Miss Paula's! She learned more than just academic material. She learned social skills and to play with other children of all different ages. One of the best decisions we made was to take our daughter to Miss Paula's.


Recommend! 5/5!

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